Learn Modal Music with
Labyrinth Online

It’s no longer imperative to travel to one of Labyrinth’s several locations to study with our instructors - you simply need your instrument and an internet connection to get started. If you’re already a regular student at Labyrinth, join us online to supplement your studies and stay connected to your instructors and friends year-round.

On Labyrinth Online, we connect you to master instructors dedicated to the major modal traditions of the world and a vibrant, devoted community of artists that has been growing since 1982. We offer live courses and classes in a wide variety of instruments and theoretical systems from the Mediterranean, Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, South Asia and beyond. To help you apply your new skills into creative practice, we offer courses in arrangement, composition, improvisation, production and songwriting. Explore a variety of styles, or find your specialty and pursue it devotedly.