Arslan Hazreti




, , Iranian, Azeri

Arslan Hazreti (Aler) was born in Tabriz, Iran in 1976 but has been living in Istanbul since 2004. He started to learn kamancha at the age of thirteen and took mugham lessons from Cavit Murtezaoglu, while also engaging in the Iran and Azerbaijan culture simultaneously. This gave him the opportunity to internalise the mughams and traditional music of both regions.

When he was 18 years old, he took part in a professional competition at International Fajr Festival, where he presented a kamancha of his own production and came in first place, competing with famous Iranian professionals. In final stage of festival, he performed with masters, such as Nosret Fateh Ali Khan and Aghakhan Abdullayev.

He produced the first five-stringed kamancha in 1996 and, with it, he went to the Baku and took lessons with masters, such as Fahrettin Dadaşov and Adalet Vezirov.

He has taken part in various projects, including The Way It Is, Virtuosi and Cavit Murtezaoğlu, Orient Expressions, String and Skin. He has also worked with well-known artists, such as Susan Deyhim, Aynur Doğan, Richard Horowitz, Yurdal Tokcan, Vamik Memmedaliyev, Yinon Muallem, Şirin Pancaroğlu, Feryal Öney.

He participated in projects, such as Meşk-I Kamança and Meşk-i Yay. He performed duet concerts with artists, such as İmamyar Hasanov, Ross Daly, Derya Türkan and Ugur Onur under these projects.

He established a workshop and made various stylistic studies on the production of kamancha, enriching the instrument by developing different methods for intonation and playing methods. As well as five-stringed kamancha, he has developed various types of kamancha, such as the bass kamancha, baritone kamancha and kabak kamancha to the family of kamancha.

Developing a distinctive technique in learning the instrument, these techniques are based on knowing the anatomy of the body well and integrating the body and instrument (saz). This can be summarised as high performance with low energy. He gives kamancha lessons at all stages from beginner level to advanced levels with these special techniques. He also gives lessons on Azerbaijani and Iranian modal systems (mugham).