Arslan Hazreti


Azeri, Iranian


Arslan Hazreti was born in Iran but has lived in Istanbul since 2004. He started to learn kamancha at the age of 13 and took mugham lessons from Cavit Murtezaoglu. In 1994, he came in first place in a competition at the International Fajr Festival, where he presented a kamancha he produced. In 1996, he produced the first 5-stringed kamancha. He also established a workshop and various stylistic studies on the production of kamancha, developing different methods for intonation and playing. Hazreti has also developed the bass, baritone and kabak kamancha. His teaching technique is based on knowing and integrating the anatomy of the body and instrument (saz). He also gives lessons on Azerbaijani and Iranian modal systems. He has performed with various artists on a wide range of projects.