Katerina Papadopoulou




, , Greek, Greek (Crete)

Katerina Papadopoulou is one of the rare Greek singers who continues the art of the old traditional masters. She is known for the exceptional fluency with which she moves between different styles.
Katerina has released recordings of both traditional and contemporary Greek music. In 2002, she released Ta Tragoudakia mou Poulo. The album presents old traditional songs from Asia Minor. In May 2007, she released the EP, San Helidoni, followed by Amygdalaki Tsakisa. She also participated in the live recording in a historic monastery in Karpathos, Greece with the Notio Toxo ensemble in 2019.
Katerina teaches Greek traditional singing and repertory at the Postgraduate Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She has also presented Greek singing seminars in France.