Keyvan Chemirani

Tombak, Santur

Iranian, South Indian


Keyvan Chemirani was born in Paris and grew up in southern France, where his father and master, Djamchid Chemirani, introduced him to the tradition of the zarb, the Persian classical drum. He has performed internationally as a soloist and accompanist. In addition to zarb, he plays the bendir, frame drums, the udu and Indian santur. Keyvan, along with his father and brother Bijan, formed the Chemirani Trio, which draws on rhythms of Persian poetry. Keyvan draws inspiration equally from the metrical science of South Indian music, from modal music from the Mediterranean basin to India, as well as jazz masters. Keyvan has collaborated in cross-cultural projects in styles ranging from jazz, to early, classical, Baroque and contemporary music, Indian, Celtic, Turkish and Greek traditions.