Nikolas Palaiologos


Saz / bağlama


, Greek

Nikolas Palaiologos was born in Kalamata in 1984 with an interest in music starting at the age of seven. His introduction to traditional instruments was in 1996, while he was a student at the Music School of Kalamata, where he discovered the vast richness hidden in Greek traditional music, as well as in the music of other Mediterranean and Eastern countries.

In 2001, he met the extraordinary musician, composer and teacher, Ross Daly, who taught him oud and saz technique, Eastern music theory, and the art of improvisation. Since then, Nikolas has studied various other stringed instruments, such as Afghan rabab, yayli tanbur, kopuz, and others. In November 2008, he met the brilliant oudist, Nasheer Shamma, founder of “Bait Al Oud” in Cairo, who demonstrated the tone-colour of the oud through his own compositions.

Nikolas has participated in many concerts and festivals with various music ensembles in several cities in Greece and abroad, and has collaborated with great local and international musicians. Since 2013, he has been teaching at the School of Byzantine Music of The Holy Metropolis of Messinia. He has also taught at the Music School of Kalamata and in seminars in various cities in Greece.