Tigran Aleksanyan


Armenian, Armenian


Tigran started learning music at the age of 9, and later studied with two of Armenia’s greatest duduk masters who helped develop his own musical style and voice. He graduated from the Armenian Conservatory in 1992. Aged 17 he won a pan-national competition, was a member of the Armenian State Dance Ensemble's orchestra and joined Akhtamar Dance Group. He moved to London in 2001, becoming a massive asset to the UK, World, and Folk music scenes. He has mastered the duduk, zurna, clarinet, shvi, and pku. Tigran has been a member of Yasmin Levy and Daphna Sadeh’s bands, and La Banda Europa. He has recorded and performed with British zither-player Andrew Cronshaw in various countries, as well as in WOMAD with SANS quarter. He recently co-founded the National Duduk Ensemble of Armenia.