Andreas Niarchos

Floyera, Percussion



Andreas Niarchos was born in Athens in 1983, with roots near Olympia, Peloponnese.

His love of traditional music was sparked by cantor Thomas Diamantis, who led him to study percussion with Maria Nousia & Andreas Pappas. He built upon this foundation with Aristides Vassilaris, studying the ancient shepherd's flute (pimeniki floyera), which draws techniques from all traditional wind instruments, resulting in a unique & vast expressivity.

Andreas helped to compile an exhaustive archive of Greek traditional recordings & has appeared in countless folkloric dance events, recordings, & glendia, as well as on broadcasts such as Panagiotis Mylonas' "Music Tradition" and Christos Mylonas' "From Place to Place."

Since 2009, he has taught percussion & flute at the school of Simon Karas.