Evgenia Damavoliti-Toli




Evgenia Damavoliti-Toli studied and worked in Exercise Physiology, while her big love until today remains traditional dance and singing. She comes from Kissamos, Crete and from Preveza, Epirus. Thanks to her relatives and especially her grandfather, Stefanis Andronikakis, who was a singer, she was exposed to the music and dance traditions of the Kissamos area. She also met old masters of Cretan Singing of Kissamos. In Athens, Evgenia got to familiarise, participate in the music and dance traditions of other regions of Greece. Evgenia also studied traditional singing alongside the master of Greek singing, Hronis Aidonidis, as well as Nektaria Karatzi and Thodoris Petropoulos. Since 1998, she has been a member of the Kourites Folklore Association and the Greek Center of Folklore Research.