Harris Lambrakis


General Modal, Contemporary


Athens native Harris Lambrakis studied music from a young age with Marios Mavroidis, Ioannis Arvanitis, Vassilis Baraboutis, Sylvia Koutrouli, and Ömer Erdoğdular. He attended the Experimental Pallini Music High School and graduated from the Music Department of University of Athens. He started ney in 1991 and has collaborated with Savina Yannatou, Haig Yazdjian, Ross Daly, Michalis Siganidis, Periklis Papapetropoulos, Kostas Tatsakis, Antonis Apergis and others. He has performed in Greece and abroad in traditional, jazz, world music, contemporary, electronic and improvisational music. In 2006, he founded the Harris Lambrakis Quartet, which has released two albums, Théa (2010) and Metéora (2012). Since 2000, he has taught ney in conservatories in Athens and also plays piano and organ.