Theodora Athanassiou





Theodora Athanassiou was born in Athens. She holds a degree in Education Studies from the University of Patras. She started playing music at the age of six, teaching herself the bouzouki and baglama. At eleven, she took up classes on repertoire and modes of folk guitar. For the last twenty years, she has been focusing her studies on the Eastern system of melody types (makam) on the lavta (the Constantinople lute) and yaili tanbur under Christos Tsiamoulis and Eugenios Voulgaris. She has also been studying rythmology for traditional percussion under Sergios Voulgaris in the Department of Greek Music and Instruments at the Municipal Conservatory of Patras.
Since 2004, she has attended a number of master classes on the technique and repertoire for Greek folk guitar, lavta and yaili tanbur. She also teaches and tutors Eastern music theory with a focus on broader repertoire of Eastern Mediterranean regions. She holds the special diploma in Higher Theory of Western Classical Music (Harmony Diploma) under Kostas Dimouleas and a diploma of Byzantine Ceremonial music under Athanasios Paivanas from the Conservatory of Greece in 2013. She has extensively studied vocal pedagogy and registration for Eastern repertoires and has teamed up with physical performer, Irini Athanassiou, to lead workshops, master classes and courses on physical voice. In her discography, she has been collaborating since 2008 with both established and emerging artists, contributing lavta, guitar and vocals. Her album Curcuma by Garlic Duo was released in 2020.