Khaled Alhafed




Khaled Alhafed studied oriental traditional singing (muwashahat) in Aleppo with the masters of this art. He then went on to teach this art in the Conservatory of Damascus and in Aleppo until 2013. Khaled's music groups and projects have included: In Syria : - Nawa band (Oriental and Sufi music) - ‎Ramal band (Oriental music). In France : - ‎the Oración project with Royaumont. In Belgium - Wajd ensemble, with which he recorded their first album, Musique d’Alep, with MUSIQ3. - Refugees for Refugees with Muziekpublique - Alefba project with Fabrizio Cassol Khaled has participated in workshops and concerts in Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Algeria, Turkey, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Canada, and Belgium.