Mohamad Ali Bahri



Arabic - United Arab Emirates

Mohamad Ali Bahri was born in Aleppo, Syria. A self taught musician, he started learning the music and ancient melodies of the muwashahat tradition from the age of 15. He has composed more than 210 muwashahat, many of which are in lesser known Arabic maqams and rhythms, and has also composed the music for many poems. Bahri has studied the traditional musical heritage of the Levant, Egypt and Turkey, and has extensive experience in teaching the art of muwashahat singing in Aleppo. He is currently working on completing an academic writing project which includes 12 volumes describing 120 maqams, demonstrated in musical notation and recordings.

ولد في مدينة حلب السورية، وبدأ في تعلم الموسيقى القديمة لتقاليد الموشحات منذ سن الخامسة عشر. ألف أكثر من ٢١٠ موشحة في مقامات وإيقاعات عربية نادرة.