Murat Aydemir




, Ottoman & Turkish

Murat Aydemir was born on October 23, 1971 in Hanover, Germany. In 1982, he started his studies at the Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Music Government Conservatory. During his ten years there, he studied tanbur with Necip Gülses and, in 1992, he graduated from the Instrument Education department. He also plays the lavta.

In 1989, he joined the Cultural Ministry’s Istanbul Government Classical Turkish Music Ensemble as a guest musician, under the directorship of Necdet Yaşar.

Aydemir recorded Ahenk (1997) and Ahenk 2 (2008), which consists of instrumental compositions and improvisations with Derya Türkan (kemençe). Murat has also recorded duets with ney player, Salih Bilgin, released as Neva (2002) and Neva 2 (2009), followed by concerts in Washington DC. And since 1997, he has performed and recorded in Incesaz with Cengiz Onural and Derya Türkan. Murat's music is also prominent in TV series and documentaries, and has released many other recordings both in collaboration and of solo performances.

In 2010, he published the book Turkish Music Makam Guide, which has become a popular reference for English, Greek, and Turkish speakers approaching this music.