Yurdal Tokcan




, Ottoman & Turkish

Yurdal Tokan was born in 1966 in Ordu and graduated in 1988 from ITU (Istanbul Technical University) Conservatory, Department of Basic Sciences. In 1997, he received his master's degree from the same university. In 1990, he joined the Istanbul State Ensemble of Turkish Music as a oudist, under the direction of master tanburi, Necdet Yasar.

Often cited among the foremost oud artists of our day, Tokcan combines traditional oud performance with modern tunes, performed with his own unique technique. He also applies reflections of this technique on a fretless guitar. Yurdal has produced many instrumental works, combining diverse traditional melodies with technical and polyphonic tunes.

In addition to his work with the Istanbul State Ensemble of Turkish Music, Yurdal has collaborated on recordings and in concert with Kudsi Erguner, Göksel Baktagir, Istanbul Fasıl Group, Istanbul Sufi Music Ensemble, the Istanbul Instrument Players, Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra, Djaffer Youssef, Ömer Faruk Tekbilek, Amira Medunjaninfor, Ross Daly, and Zohar Fresco in over 40 countries.

Tokcan has produced two albums of his own compositions, titled Hislenis - Saray (Deep Emotion), released in the US as Passion, and Bende Can (Inner Soul).

Since 2005, Yurdal has been leading oud seminars and master classes at Labyrinth Musical Workshop in Crete, as well as regular seminars in Iran and Tunisia.