The Violin in Makam Music

by Danai Loukidi

Nov 23 - Dec 17
07:00 PM - 09:00 PM



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Learn the fundamentals of violin technique in Turkish Makam. In this course, we will play some classical pieces from classical Ottoman as well as traditional Turkish and Greek music to work on violin intonation, ornamentation and phrasing basics. By the end of this course, you will be familiar with the fundamental elements of makam theory. You will also grasp their direct correlation with performance in order to become creative beyond the score.  If you have been looking to learn to play Eastern Mediterranean music on your violin (or any other bowed instrument), this course is for you.

Student requirements:
Instrumental technique: basic
Western theory: any level
Modal music theory: any level
Sight reading: basic
Transposition: any level
Learning by ear: any level
Composition: any level
Improvisation: any level

Class Schedule

Class Schedule: In case a class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, one or more additional make-up classes will take place at the same time on the same weekdays following the last week of classes.

Nov 2307:00 PM09:00 PM
Nov 2607:00 PM09:00 PM
Nov 3007:00 PM09:00 PM
Dec 307:00 PM09:00 PM
Dec 707:00 PM09:00 PM
Dec 1007:00 PM09:00 PM
Dec 1407:00 PM09:00 PM
Dec 1707:00 PM09:00 PM