From West to Modal

by Peppe Frana

Oct 26 - Nov 19
07:00 PM - 10:00 PM

15 spots left


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In this course, we will examine and attempt to put into practice the approach and mindset which are essential from the very beginning of one's study, in order for a Western-trained musician to successfully approach non-European (or even early European) modal musical traditions.

During the course, we will attempt to define and explore the common ground on which all of the major modal systems operate and, through the medium of specially devised exercises, we will learn how to assume a modal perspective in our improvisations, compositions, and performance of traditional repertoire.

During the past century, many theoretical and other such treatises have been written in the regions of the world where modal music is predominantly found. Most of these, however, were overly musicological and theoretical in nature and they didn't lead to the creation of an effective and helpful pedagogical system which could replace the traditional rote-learning system which had prevailed up until then. The result was that such theoretical treatises, rather than clearing up fuzzy areas and unclear points, actually contributed to even greater confusion for those who took them to be coherent and complete explanations of the phenomenon of modal music.

In our experience, a guided practical approach is easily and quickly able to clarify all of the basic concepts, thus making the further and deeper understanding of a given musical idiom a matter of ''ears and years'' (e.g. Ross Daly) in other words time and experience.

Student requirements:
Instrumental technique: basic
Western theory: basic
Modal music theory: any level
Sight reading: basic
Transposition: any level
Learning by ear: basic
Composition: basic
Improvisation: basic

Class Schedule

In case a class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, one or more additional make-up classes will take place at the same time on the same weekdays following the last week of classes.

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