Greek & Balkan Darabuka

by Vangelis Karipis

Feb 5 - Feb 10
06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

$120 $110 before Jan 29


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This course will teach the darabuka in the Greek and Balkan styles, focusing on split hand technique. We will cover typical rhythms of Greece and the Balkans: hasapiko and syrtos (2/4), Tsamiko (3/4), tallava and tsiftetelli (4/4) tallava, Baidouska (5/8), zonaradikos (6/8), madilatos (7/8), sygathistos, Zeibekiko and karsilamas (9/8), stankena (11/8), Krivo horo (13/8), pousnitsa (15/8), and Leventikos (16/8).    This course is for experienced darabuka players, very comfortable on their drums and familiar with the styles being taught here. We will occasionally use rhythm notation, primarily for exercises derived from “stick control” and “paradiddles.”

Student requirements:
Instrumental technique: any level
Western theory: any level
Modal music theory: any level
Sight reading: any level
Transposition: any level
Learning by ear: any level
Composition: any level
Improvisation: any level

Class Schedule

In case a class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, an additional make-up class will take place at the same time on Thursday following the last day of classes.

Feb 506:00 PM09:00 PM
Feb 606:00 PM09:00 PM
Feb 706:00 PM09:00 PM
Feb 906:00 PM09:00 PM
Feb 1006:00 PM09:00 PM